Piano Lessons and More Studio Policy

Summer Classes July 5th August 1st

Fall Semester starts August 12th

Remember: Piano lessons are for children and adults

Come on time, for minimal disturbance to the student before you 

(not everyone enjoys playing in front of an audience).

Lessons can not be extended if you are late.

Come prepared and bring books - if you want to see results.

1. Schedule and tuition: Monthly payments are due before the 10th. Check or cash addressed to Jolanta Didenko or paypal or MMS, or apple pay (anyway you pay always include students name!)

Individual class is 30 min. $100 this covers the cost of 3 to 5 individual classes 30 min. lessons (depends on what month we are in; calculated based on full semester, the same $ year round) includes extra events and recitals( min 18-19 individual classes + 2-3 events/semester.

$70 NEW! friend class, 2 students, same primer or level 1, 30 min (goes back to $100 if one resigns)

$30/ month group drum classes/ every other week

One time a year registration fee of $25 (recitals, printed materials, music requests, extra music, etc,)

Free recital, once a semester(optional-but encouraged)

We generally follow Sevier County school system for holiday closings with many exceptions.

Snow/ rain days/unexpected- We will do online class on that day. If you cannot participate- group make up class will be organized later on.

2. Missed lessons: If student misses a class without notification it will not be made up or refunded.

We keep the same schedule year round, the time slot is reserved for you. Please, do not change it. 

Students are expected to attend every scheduled lesson prepare in order to make progress. One excused absence per semester. 

Make up class will be on Saturday unless I have an open slot within the week.

If the teacher has to miss the class in case of emergency or sickness - we will make it up as soon as possible or the classes will be with a substitute teacher.

Parents! Your involvement in home practice is crucial for student success. 

Please help your child to establish and stick to a practice routine, and see that practice time is free of distractions (tv off and phone away). Ex: Before or after dinner. play every day! 30 min minimum. 

If you are the parent of an elementary age student, please plan to sit with your child for at least a portion of their daily practice time. Especially in the first few months. Encouragement is the best help!

3. Communicate with me: Your expectations, questions about practice or student’s favourite music. 

Text me 865-654-0996

It may be late, after classes but I will find time to answer. I want all my students to succeed and will do my best to adjust our methods to every student’s needs and create an interesting, and professional learning environment. 

4. Everybody is different: Try not to compare students’ progress. Consistent Work is the key to success.

Upcoming Schedule of Classes for 2023:

- Summer classes July 5th August 1st

- Fall semester starts August 12th

- Sept 4th - off class make up Sept 8th Friday

- Oct 6th - Fall Festival (for all)

- Oct 9-14 Fall Break (as the school)

- Nov 24-25 Thanksgiving Break

- Nov 26-Festival of Trees (after audition)

- December 3rd Recital

- December 23rd - January 5th Winter Break

- January 6th Spring Semester starts

- Aug. tuition includes registration! one family 2 or more students! 

   Your registration goes towards December tuition!